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Month: November 2020

Give A Mask

Like last week, I wanted to bring attention to a client I’m working with – one that’s very important to me in this age of disinformation and illness. Give A Mask is a Canadian Company that is helping donate masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. The masks are made in Canada, by Canadians and given out for no cost to those who need them. As masks are one of the best ways to not only stay safe, but keep others safe as well, I was eager to see if I could lend a hand. Check out their website to learn more about them, and about other associated charities.


GAOTek Virtual Summits

In lieu of a regular post, I just wanted to take the time to highlight a really cool even, operated by a company I am working for. GaoTek is a company that works with ICT, RFID and IoT technology devices – all part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In January, GaoTek is going to be running a series of virtual summits to keep the tech industry connected even in the midst of the pandemic. There are already a lot of really interesting and experienced speakers lined up, so I encourage you to check out the link below to learn more.



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