This copy never ended up being used, and was speculative, but I wanted to share it all the same. 

Fashion and Function are Friends

No longer will technology and fashion have to compromise when it comes to wearable tech. With Mezzi handbags, the corporate leaders of today are free to be on the cutting edge of function, without any sacrifices in form.

Italian Style and Quality

Before we made our purses connected, we made sure to make them look good. Mezzi handbags are made of Suede and Adria leather. Our design comes right from Italy, with a mixture of European class and flair.

Accessory on Hand, in Handbag

Mezzi handbags look stylish, but are more than just their design, working in tandem with your phone. Each bag features a phone charger, a Bluetooth speaker, and provides notifications if the phone is ringing or receiving a message.

Digging around for your phone accessories is something you’ll never have to worry about again – the only accessory you’ll need is your Mezzi.

Built to Last    

Mezzi handbags are tough and durable. Our brand also makes high quality damage proof cases for laptops and other valuables. We know that what’s inside your purse or case is valuable to you to, and we’re dedicated to protecting it, as well as your stylish purchase.

Go check out all our models here and find the one that suits you best right now.