This is an edited, raw text version of writing I did to advertise a Coworking space in Vancouver that I’m proud of. The space was brand new and I was in a management role, and needed to get customers to start renting desks pronto.

Your Business Deserves an Office

Real estate is expensive in Vancouver, and it’s not getting any more expensive. If you’re a real estate tycoon this is great news – for the rest of us, it’s difficult enough finding a place for ourselves, let alone our businesses.

At Cranium Coworking, we want to help you. Whatever work you do, whatever the size of your team, we have a space for you here. No longer do you have to choose between the garage or the basement and the expensive or distant office.

Too often cheap, rentable office space comes with strings attached, sticking your team in a controlled tech incubator or with limited hours. Cranium Coworking is designed to be the no hassle, reliable option, so you can get down to work.


Workspaces Can Be Affordable

If your great idea is still in the works, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck working at home until its finished. Cranium Coworking offers reasonably priced office space for individuals – and a special reduced cost per member for larger teams.

Cranium Coworking also understands that modern companies are often fluid and changing quickly, which is why we charge monthly, with options for pro-rating – removing the worry about long term leases and contracts.


You Can Still Have Office Benefits

While working out of a garage is cheap and makes for a great story when your company gets big, it has limitations. If you want to talk to partners or potential investors, it can be hard to fit the boardroom table in next to the car.

Cranium Coworking offers, along with regular workspaces, a boardroom, private break out rooms, and booking of the entire space after hours for events. We also are in partnership with AtlasCloud Enterprises, offering great deals on cloud storage for valuable data.


Join Us Now!

Cranium Coworking was established with the concept of not just providing desks and chairs, but an actual community. We want to bring together entrepreneurs and creators not just to rent space, but to give them a chance to learn from and about each other.

Give us a call or email at our contact information here and see the space and our companies for yourself!